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A portfolio of novel therapeutic solutions for unmet medical needs

E-52862: First-in-class NCE
Selective Sigma-1 Receptor Antagonist

Selective Sigma-1 Receptor Antagonist (S1RA)

Primary indication: Neuropathic Pain

Development Objectives:

  • Improved efficacy higher response rate
  • Increased magnitude of effect
  • Improved safety and tolerability
  • Improved benefit-risk ratio

Targeted positioning:

  • First line new standard of care therapy for neuropathic pain

Additional indications:

  • Treatment of acute and chronic pain in patients receiving opioids

Partnering status: Worldwide Development Rights Mundipharma-Purdue

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E-58425: First-in-class new entity co-crystal. Multimodal mechanism of action.
USA Development by Esteve, exUSA Development by Mundipharma
ACUTE AND CHRONIC (moderate to severe pain)

First dual API-API (Tramadol and Celecoxib) co-crystal in development

Novel approach to multimodal pain relief

Primary indication: acute and chronic moderate to severe pain

Development Objective: Increased magnitude of efficacy without increasing side effects

Targeted positioning:

  • A standard of care for the treatment of moderate to severe pain

Partnering status: exUSA Development by Mundipharma

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MUMO1: First-in-class NCE. Multimodal
mechanism of action, including Sigma-1 activity

Multimodal compound including sigma-1 receptor activity

Primary indication: Pain

Development objectives:

  • Same efficacy than standard of care
  • Reduced side effects compared to standard of care

Partnering status: Worldwide option to license by Mundipharma-Purdue

EGT-101: First-in-class AT
Gene Therapy for Sanfilippo A Syndrome

Development of Gene Therapies for mucopolysaccharidosis

The most advanced project is a novel gene therapy treatment for the Sanfilippo syndrome type A
Currently there is no cure for the Sanfilippo A syndrome
The treatments available are not stopping the progression of the disease

Development Objectives:

  • Develop an effective and safe gene therapy that can stop the progression and potentially reverse the effects of the disease
  • Orphan Medicinal Product designation granted by the FDA and the EMA

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NCE: New Chemical Entity
AT: Advanced Therapy

ESTEVE has a number of in-house preclinical-stage programs in pain. ESTEVE portfolio is also composed by a group of in-house R&D projects (Bioequivalence Projects, Formulation Technologies, Line Extensions) of high added value at different stages of development in several therapeutic areas.

Projects of new molecular entities have been supported by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, through the Center for Industrial Technological Development, CDTI (E-52862, MuMO projects) and INNPACTO programs (HIVACAT, Sanfilippo) and RETOS (Phenopain), all co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, ERDF. We have also received aid from the European Commission through the 7th Framework Programme (Neuropain) and the Agència de Competitivitat de l’empresa, ACC1Ó, Generalitat de Catalunya (E-58425).