Partnership at the centre of all activities

Partnership has been at the centre of ESTEVE's activities since our foundation in 1929. Through collaborative agreements and strategic alliances with companies worldwide, we have fostered innovation and achieved outstanding results and sustained growth.

1. Commercial Partnering

ESTEVE has a long and proven experience in the establishment of successful commercial partnerships with innovative companies, both for licensing in and out.

The activities of ESTEVE's Licensing & Strategic Partnering team are focused on building an innovative and highly-competitive portfolio of products for Spain and other selected territories and to find the most capable partners to develop and commercialise our proprietary products and developments internationally.

Our track record of successful alliances is the best demonstration of ESTEVE's commitment and ongoing desire to build long-lasting win-win relationships with our partners.

Licensing In

Since the 1960s, ESTEVE has been actively building in-licensing partnerships with international companies. Thanks to this endeavour, we have built and sustained a balanced and highly competitive portfolio of first-in-class and best-in-class products which we have successfully introduced in the market. (learn More)

Licensing Out

ESTEVE commercial out-licensing activities are aimed at selecting the right partners to promote, sell and distribute our fully-developed and marketed products in the international markets where ESTEVE does not have direct presence. (learn More)

2. R&D collaborations

R&D has been in ESTEVE's DNA since our establishment. We have a long tradition of R&D partnering, in two main fields:

R&D Collaborations & Strategic Alliances

Aimed at building, strengthening and extending our innovative network of excellence that includes a wide spectrum of R&D collaborations: Strategic Joint Units, Public-Private Partnerships, Research Consortia and In-licensing of R&D programs. (learn More)

R&D Project Partnering

Our objective is to select the best partners for the co-development (especially in late development stages) and future commercialization of our in-house R&D programs. (learn More)

3. Joint Ventures

ESTEVE has built a number of Joint Ventures (JV) with selected partners to both diversify our business and bring innovative products and services to patients, consumers and our clients. (learn More)

4. Partner with us

We appreciate your interest in ESTEVE. If you wish to contact us, please fill in the form below. We are always open to receiving proposals for new collaborations as well as any comments or suggestions. Partnering

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