Commitments to society

Commitments to society

We at ESTEVE work to guarantee our development and economic growth in a sustainable, socially responsible way. Ever since its foundation, our Company has included these values in its business strategy through its marks of identity.

Beyond our chemical-pharmaceutical activities, ESTEVE's commitment to society is evidenced by a wide range of collaborations with persons and institutions on an entrepreneurial, public, non-profit basis.

In general, ESTEVE has established three main criteria to orient its collaborations: one, to prioritize the health sector -our natural scope of activity; two, to select entities according to their degree of affinity with ESTEVE's values and work practice; and three, to analyze the future potential of any possible collaboration, that is, trying to go beyond specific actions and betting on synergy development and long-term alliances.

Finally, in the international scope, ESTEVE tends to prioritize the projects of collaboration to development and environment protection in the countries where our company is mostly settled and active.

Dr. Antonio Esteve Foundation

The Dr. Antonio Esteve Foundation was created in 1983 by Dr. Antoni Esteve i Subirana's sons and daughter to honor their father's memory. The Foundation is totally independent from ESTEVE's companies and endeavors to stimulate progress in pharmacotherapy by way of scientific communication and discussion. To this end, the Foundation organizes multidisciplinary international meetings where small groups of investigators discuss the results of their work. These discussions are further published in ESTEVE's Foundation Symposia collection.

> Dr. Antonio Esteve Foundation

Social Action Projects

A considerable proportion of ESTEVE's corporate responsibility is reflected in its collaboration with the Company's main stakeholders and by it explicitly supporting their activities.

The Company's commitment to society focuses on three areas of priority:

•   Access to health
•   Employment integration
•   Caring for the environment

> More information at Sustainability Report

(GAVI) Business alliance for child vaccination


CUIDA'M Program



> Global compact
>Universal access to health



ESTEVE's internal collaborators have always shown a high degree of social conscience and commitment. Initiatives, projects and opportunities have emerged with increased frequency over the past few years, namely:

Commitments to society
  • •  Campaign to hand out roses and books during Saint George's Day
  • •  Campaign to collect second-hand clothes
  • •  Blood donation campaign
  • •  Food collection campaign
  • •  Day on environmental action
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