Environmental commitments

Environmental commitments

Because environmental care is one of the increasing concerns of our society, ESTEVE not only responds to economic and social challenges but also incorporates the principles of sustainable development to its marks of identity.  

By integrating environmental management into the social and economic scopes, ESTEVE brings added value to all its activities. 

This concept of entrepreneurial responsibility,

more committed to society, leads to develop environmental management. This, in addition to managing environmental impact, also involves more dialogue and greater transparency with all parties. 

Our management reflects ESTEVE's responsibility with the environment. This commitment is materialized in the implementation of the Integrated Management System for Environmental Health and Safety (IMS-EHS) and a Enviromental, health and safety (EHS) policy, which extends this commitment beyond compliance with the legislation in force.

SIGREESTEVE adheres to the Integrated Management System for the Collection of Drug Product Containers (SIGRE), which, in addition to being a system for the collection of pharmaceutical products in hospitals and pharmacies, has a Prevention management plan to warrant minimization of same. Specifically, biennial objectives are set through the resizing of secondary and tertiary packaging, as well as drug product outer containers. The management of pharmaceutical product containers and packings is oriented toward residue minimization for progress in sustainable development.

Natural environment recovery projects

•   Torrent de Can Sunyer (Martorelles) restoration project

Torrent de Can Sunyer
Torrent de Can Sunyer (Martorelles)

ESTEVE has collaborated in the environmental restoration of a stretch of the Torrent de Can Sunyer on its course through Martorelles, where one of ESTEVE's production centers is located. The project has led to the environmental recovery of the area, enabling access by foot, walking areas and contact with natural surroundings. This project has been made possible thanks to a collaboration of the Martorelles City Hall, the Consortium for the Defense of the Besós River and the companies COBEGA and ESTEVE

•   Illa dels Salzes (Celrà) restoration project

ESTEVE has participated in the restoration of this natural space located by the banks of the Ter River on its course through Celrà, where our company has a chemical plant. The project has been made possible thanks to a collaboration with the Celrà City Hall and the Natura Foundation.

Illa dels Salzes
Illa dels Salzes
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