Economical commitments

Economical commitments

ESTEVE's commitment to society is reflected in two main fields of action.
One, an intense R&D activity to develop new drug products that contribute to human well being; and two, a responsible action through comprehensive control of technical and production processes to guarantee safe, efficient and top-quality processes and products.

This leads to an offer of products and services that add value to our

stakeholders and provides suitable incomes to pursue investments in R&D and assets over time.


Research, process development and innovative drug products are part of ESTEVE's essence. The investment effort in R&D is usually proportional to the Company's turnover. The expenditure on innovation ranges around 11-12% of pharmaceutical turnover and around 8% of the Group's overall consolidated turnover. As a result, we now own more than 200 priority patents and in-house products can be found in more than 60 countries.

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Our bet on ESTEVE's growth and future sustainability translates into important investment efforts in the different strategic fields, such as production and commercial structures in Spain and around the world, thus allowing a safe approach to the international growth process.

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Our clients

Our objective is excellence in our partner-based relationships at the human, technical and competitive levels, i.e. relationships with teams, development of new products and production for third parties in high tech plants, and best product at best price, respectively.

Our highly diverse activities, mainly focusing on fine chemistry and preparation of pharmaceutical specialties, account for the diversity of our most important clients.

Good Practice Compliance at each stage of the product life cycle, and follow-up of strict regulations to watch over the patient's health and safety.
Quality assurance and strict controls in all product processes and preparations.
Periodical product information provided to healthcare providers (physicians i pharmacists) through our delegates. In the chemical field, our commercial and technical teams regularly provide the client with all necessary information through different channels.
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Risk management

We at ESTEVE understand that a continued process of risk analysis and the implementation of risk-reducing measures are vital to ensure our sustainability.

A risk map of the group was prepared for the purpose of knowing and agreeing the risks we are exposed to, applying measures to minimize the occurrence and/or effects of these risks and, in general, fostering a risk management culture. The risk map is updated periodically.

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