Commitments with collaborators

Commitments with collaborators

ESTEVE's commitment with people and with the development of its human capital is a value clearly outlined by our company in our marks of identity. This commitment is also reflected in our management policies, which are seen as training-oriented toward participatory and transparent management, and in support of taking on new responsibilities in a teamwork environment.

To make this happen, the environment around our collaborators workplace must be looked after. Consequently, another management priority is maintaining a good work environment and gradually improving working conditions to conciliate personal life and working life, social benefits and occupational risk prevention.

Equality of opportunity and diversity

The inclusion of people that work in our subsidiary companies and plants around the world has increased our staff and favored the internationalization of ESTEVE's human force, thereby leading to exchanges and contributing to the diversity of our collaborators.

Equality of opportunity and respect for diversity are deep-seated in our values, as shown by the actions taken in human resource matters.

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Employee relationships

From the very beginning, our Company has been particularly sensitive to relationships at work and has endeavored to properly manage negotiations with worker representatives by sharing future employer-employee objectives and challenges to reach satisfactory agreements for both parts. This philosophy is presently in force in every country where ESTEVE is present, with abidance to each particular occupational legislation.

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Training and professional development

Training and professional development is one of the strong points in ESTEVE's Human Resource policy. Indeed, we understand that a sound management of knowledge is critical in our sector to turn our employees' talent into increased added value of the products and services offered to our clients.

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Occupational risk prevention

As acknowledged in its marks of identity, ESTEVE emphasizes the decisive role of its human force and its commitment to the principles of sustainable development. This commitment is materialized in the implementation of the integrated management system for environmental health and safety (IMS-EHS), which extends this commitment beyond compliance with the legislation in force.

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